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Ceremony photos are so important to every couple. Everyone is always so excited to see their first kiss. What some couples don't think about is how they can help get great ceremony photos. Read below my tips to help you have ceremony photos you will love and cherish!

Tip #1 - Host your ceremony with a gorgeous outdoors backdrop!

Having your ceremony outside with a gorgeous background enhances your photos so much! The lighting is natural and you are able to control your background unlike in a church where you may not be able to move certain things.

Tip #2 - Ask you officiant to move out of the frame for the first kiss!

Have you looked at certain first kiss photos and the officiant is standing awkwardly behind the couple? You don't want the focus to be on your officiant but you want it on you and your spouse! Most officiants are very accommodating and will move. I promise it makes your first kiss photos that much better!

Tip #3 - Stop for a kiss during the recessional

One of my favorite photos is when couples pause for a kiss in the middle of the aisle during the recessional. You have a photo of you two surrounded by the people who love you! Plus it's a great chance to do a fun dip kiss!

Tip #4 - Unplugged ceremony

Lastly, ask your guests to refrain from pulling out their phones and leaning into the aisle or lifting their phones up. No one wants to see their first kiss photo and have a phone in the frame. The best ways to ask your guests to refrain from taking photos is to either put up a sign for them to read or ask your officiant to make a comment. Your guests will understand and you will have gorgeous photos without distractions!


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