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I have lots of couples reach out to me for recommendations on what to wear or style for their engagement session. I have some great tips to achieve a light and airy photograph.

1. Compliment your partner with what you wear. If you would like to wear a pattern, make sure the other person finds a color in that pattern and wears that color.

2. Wear neutral or pastel colors. When you wear colors that are bright/harsh, you will reflect colors on to your partner's skin. This can turn their skin green or red or whatever color you are wearing. The sunlight casts the color in an unflattering way. We want to avoid this. Here are some colors I recommend!

3. Bring multiple outfits! This can be a fun way to achieve two different styles in one shoot. One outfit could be for your Save the Date and the other could be for showing off at your wedding.

4. Chose a classic look over trends! Trends come and go but a great classic look is timeless.

5. Make it fun by getting your hair and makeup done professionally! I love when my couples make their engagement session more than just photos. You don't always get the chance to dress up, so it's fun to make it special. I always highly recommend to my couples to make a whole date out of it. Go to dinner and enjoy the evening!

Here are the things I remind my couples to bring along to their engagement session:
- Flats or flip-flops for walking between photo locations (if you’re planning to wear high heels)
- Another outfit if you'd like to have different looks
- Touch-up makeup (especially during summer)
- Water bottle
- Coat or cover-up for cooler weather


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